Exhilarating Patagonia Program

Arrival to Buenos Aires International Airport of Ezeiza (EZE), and transfer to your Hotel.

Welcome to Buenos Aires!

A beautiful, cosmopolitan city, boasting both an European and Latin feel that make of Buenos Aires a unique spot in South America. Featuring gourmet cuisine, amazing nightlife and intriguing tango milongas, talented designers, passion for soccer, world-class art and a number of tourist attractions, Buenos Aires is an exciting and fascinating destination.   

Walking City Tour – Northern Districts

After your check-in at the hotel, start exploring the city.

First head towards Recoleta, the hub of the city’s aristocracy, where upscale families live in pricey apartments along avenues with soaring French architecture. Discover the Parisian air walking across the Alvear Avenue, the most exclusive fashion shops, notable coffee stores and luxurious French palaces. To explore the city as local, walk around Barrio Norte, where distinguished Psychologists will explain the culture and importance of Freud and Psychoanalysis culture in Buenos Aires.

Here you will notice the porteño (referred to the local citizens) everyday life: while you go across the streets, you will see kids going to the school, people buying groceries, among other ordinary duties, where you will feel the true spirit and city’s atmosphere.

To continue, you will visit the legendary Recoleta cemetery, the final resting place of many of the wealthiest and most important Argentine historical figures. Initially, it used to be the garden of the adjoining church, but in 1822 was transformed into the current cemetery, becoming one of the oldest in the city. It covers 4 city blocks, full of tombs adorned with works by local and international sculptors. More than 6,400 mausoleums form an architectural free-for-all, including Greek temples and pyramids.

The most popular site is the tomb of Eva ”Evita” Perón, which is always heaped with flowers and letters from adoring fans.

Continue our journey towards one of the most renowned quarter: Palermo. To get some fresh air, we will walk in the lively and green area of Buenos Aires, full of bars, restaurants, parks, markets, trendy shops and street art. Get ready to ride a bike to do a short tour around the lakes, the Rosedal (an oasis in the city, a Rose Garden), the renowned Planetario (Planetarium) going all over the parks.

For lunch, enjoy a delicious meal at a local restaurant of our suggestion (At your own expenses),  ideal opportunity to taste Argentinean wines paired with the best local food. (meat or vegetarian options available).

Enjoy the rest of the evening free at leisure; why not visiting some boutique stores of independent artists and fashion designers, or art ateliers?

Return to your hotel.

In the evening, our local staff will pick you up to experience an authentic Argentinean cuisine cooking class.

Argentinean cuisine cooking class 

Immerse yourself in our culture by eating and drinking as locals do. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves for a hands-on experimentation with local products and local private chef. You will learn regional techniques; know local ingredients, and family recipes that have been passed down over the generations in many families.

The reward will be to taste all the typical dishes you have prepared during the class.

Return to your hotel.

Buenos Aires Walking City Tour – Southern Districts.

After enjoying a buffet breakfast at the hotel begin your tour through the southern area.

You will discover Buenos Aires most traditional neighbourhoods. The first stop of the bus will be at La Boca quarter, where we will visit the famous Caminito street open air museum, the characteristic colourful tiny houses and Boca Juniors Stadium, the mecca of Argentinean soccer.

This area has retained much of its original character, a mixture of popular culture, tango, street art and soccer, one of the Argentinean’s passions. Here we will learn more about the Italian & Spanish immigration history in the country:  to give an extra touch to the tour, a learn more about  the landmarks of the first immigrants; how did they lived here compared to the descendants in United States & rest of South America? Remarking how strong it was their influence that nowadays their spirit still remains in our culture.

Continue the tour in San Telmo, the oldest neighborhood in the city. Explore this picturesque area that still preserves its cobbled stone streets, as well as some colonial constructions and of the turn of the century; nowadays there are many antique shops, notable coffees, galleries, churches and artist’s ateliers. On Sundays there is a Flea Market, bustling with unique artisans and antiques.

Enjoy lunch in a traditional Argentinean Restaurant.

Continue the tour, to Plaza de Mayo (May Square), where you will walk around to visit highlights of the area that represents the historical scenery of the main political events of the country. Site where the city was founded in 1580, surrounded by the Government House, the old city hall, the cathedral, the Central Bank and Economy ministry, the Plaza de Mayo has been witness of the most dramatic days of Argentina, you will get to learn how the citizens survived an important economical & financial crisis.

For the rest of the afternoon you will take a guided tour inside the Colon Theatre: a true gem considered as the third best finest theatres in the world. Its sublime architecture stands out in every single detail, amazing and captivating its visitors with its flight of stairs, sculptures and stained-glass windows. Visiting the Colon Theatre and feeling the magic of its mystical atmosphere in every step is an extraordinary experience that makes visitors feel privileged.

Enjoy the rest of the afternoon for free.


Evening program: Dinner & tango show at Rojo Tango

In the evening, around 20.00 hs, our local guide will pick you up to take you to Puerto Madero to admire the best Tango Show in town.

You will enjoy a dinner and tango show in Rojo Tango, where you will be able to see a top-quality show, with professional tango singers and dancers together with an excellent cuisine in one of the most exclusive atmospheres of Buenos Aires’ nightlife. It is one of the most exclusive tango shows in Buenos Aires. It takes place in the exclusive Faena Hotel, where four couples of dancers and a live orchestra are the main attraction of the show but the first-level menu and the excellent service also have to be taken into account.

When you arrive, you will be surprised by the remake of a cabaret from the 30s, with a touch of Philippe Stark.The gastronomic options pay special attention to the combination of flavours and perfumes. In each step you will have three dishes to choose from. You can join them with first-quality wine or champagne.The live orchestra leads a different show in which the bodies are guided as if they were in a trance by what the bandoneon plays.


Return to your hotel.


Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Private transfer to Aeroparque Jorge Newebery Airport to board your domestic flight towards Ushuaia.

Arrival at Ushuaia, meet and greet by local staff.

Welcome to Ushuaia!

The city at the end of the world, the town of Ushuaia lies on the shores of the Beagle Channel, a community which depends variously on fishing, heavy industry and tourism for its livelihood. Founded in the late 1800s, it is the capital of the desolate, sparsely-populated, mountainous and windswept triangular island of Tierra del Fuego which lies to the south of the Magellan Straits.  Ushuaia was one of later regions to be settled by immigrants, originally home to the kayak-paddling Ona and Patagon Indians who hunted seal and fish and daubed themselves in seal-fat during winter to ward off the sub-zero temperatures.  The first settlers were missionaries who built simple wooden dwellings on the water’s edge to house their families, not so different from the wooden Scandinavian-style houses which line the main street of Ushuaia today.  The city is an excellent base from which to explore the Martial Glacier which overlooks the town, the Lapataia National Park or from which to take one of the many boat excursions along the Beagle Channel to sight the wildlife, from sea-lions to penguins and cormorants in a natural habitat of spectacular and remote beauty.

Before susnet, our local guide will pick you up to start our activity: MEET THE BEAVERS

During the 20th century, various pairs of beavers were brought from Canada to try and develop the fur industry. The results were not as good as expected and our furry friends did nothing but get along with each other extremely well and reproduce on a large scale. Naturally, these characters built their dams in the middle of the lakes that they themselves have created, thus changing the landscape beyond all recognition. Of course they are a plague, but there are many who defend them. For us, it’s a philosophical question: what fault do the poor beavers have for the miscalculation of us human?. Meanwhile, these fantastic rodents go on enjoying both the landscape around them and our visits. Beaver encounter takes place in the evening, because that’s the only time of day when they leave their lodges. We close up on their habitat along challenging mud tracks, then, after kitting ourselves up on learning about their lives, we’ll be enjoying a delicious stew under the impressive sunset.

*Season of this excursion:
November 1st / March 31st.

Meals Included:

Nibbles, Spanish-style lentil stew. Dessert. Drinks included: Red Wine, Soft drinks, Bottled Water.

Overnight at your hotel.

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning, our local guide will pick you up to enjoy a full day in the National Park.

Full Day National Park Visit with Trekking & Canoeing

Tierra del Fuego National Park is one of the most frequently visited places in Ushuaia: it is close to the city, it is easily accessible and it does not require to be approached in any particular way. It is said that it can be visited any way you might want, but the sure thing is that it might not reveal its secret to those who do not get into the landscape or do not pay enough attention to the wonders hidden inside it.

You will be able to discover the true nature of the secret within the Tierra del Fuego National Park. With our specialized (and extraordinary) guides it is possible to get to know in detail this recovered paradise, where the mountains are accessible from the sea, and the fresh water of rivers and lakes mixes with the sea. On this tour you get to walk through the forest, and canoeing down rivers, and across lagoons to get into the famous Lapataia Bay.

Meals included: 

Snacks, fish en papillote and potatoes with herb butter, dessert. Drinks included: red wine, soft-drinks, bottled water. Vegetarian menu available, please tell us in advance.

Return in the afternoon to your hotel.

Overnight in Ushuaia,

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

In the morning our guide will pick you up to start a full day excursion.

Gabble Island & Penguin Rookery 

Gable Island is the tour for those who arrive in Ushuaia searching for the world’s end. Away from the tourist-crowded areas, and in the middle of the Beagle Channel, this place is recommended worldwide by word-of-mouth. Gable Island offers us nature untouched and history in the present tense.

During this full-day excursion the traveler goes for a ride, sails on a motor boat, walks and discovers.
On our way to Gable Island we’ll also see penguins. This adventure summarizes the history and the natural variety of Tierra del Fuego. Our guides enjoy making others enjoy themselves, and will provide you with information about the different species of birds, plants and other features of the landscape.

In Gable Island we’ll find the remains of the Yamana civilization and those of the first white settlers. This area shows an infinite and primal landscape, both magic and extreme. Surrounded by silence, where only the wind and the birds are heard, we might experience the feeling of being alone in the world.

*Season of this excursion:
November 15 / April 15

Meals included:

Potato omelette, mediterranean pasta salad, salad of lentils, cornmeal pie. Wok stir-fried chicken and vegetables. Mineral water, soft drinks and Patagonian red wine (Malbec)

Return to your hotel in the afternoon.

Overnight in Ushuaia.

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Pick up at the hotel and transfer to the airport in order to take the flight that will take you to El Calafate.

Upon arrival at Calafate airport, meet & greet your guide who will take you to your accommodation.

Welcome to Calafate!

This is a breathtaking landscape of impressive glaciers descending from the continental ice field. Thirteen glaciers of the Atlantic side brake into huge ice towers which plunge into the waters of lakes Viedma and Argentino. For sure of one of the greatest attractions in a country which is itself a great attraction.

In the evening, our local staff will pick you up to experience Native Laves & Caves .

Experience- Lakes & Caves is a half day excur- sion in a four wheel drive vehicle along the shore of the Lake Argentino. It has an anthropological approach, doing a tour that will take you through time and show you the passage of men in these lands, rediscovering stories of the first expeditions and of those who dared to ventu- re into the unknown.

Among cliffs and with a great view to the Andes, the excursion is mainly focused on the first contact of the expeditionaries with the natives, and then enters the Tehuelche world. On the shore of the lake you may see the caves where this cultures left their mark on the rocks thousands of years ago, which now allow us to interpret them.*

First stop: On the shore of the Lake Argentino. Interpreta- tion of the flora and the landscape.Glaciology and geology explanation.

Second Stop. Punta Bonita Cliffs: From here you will enjoy panoramic views of the lake and the Andes.

Third stop: Archaeological area. Cave art.

Dinner included:Home-made soup. Main course Lamb stew with vegetables.(Optional for vegetarians: Wok of rice and vegetables)Dessert:  Chocolate mousse with almond praline. Beverages: Wine, water and terma Patagonic beverage (bitter herbal beverage.)

This activity includes private transportation, the rest of the activities are shared with a small group.

*Season of this excursion:
November 1 / June 30

Return to your hotel.

Overnight in Calafate.

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Depart early in the morning to visit Los Glaciares National Park.

Departure to visit one of the most famous National Parks around the world.

Be seduced by the fascinating landscape of Argentinia’s Perito Moreno glacier: Explore glacier streams, small lagoons, gullies, crevasses and plenty of ice formations on this one of a kind South American experience. Perito Moreno Glacier is an impressive natural wonder and due to its extension and height,. The Glaciers National Park area is home to other important glaciers such as Uppsalla, Onelli and Spegazzini. Once inside Los Glaciares National Park, you’ll follow the route around Lago Argentino where 50 miles (80km) from El Calafate, Perito Moreno Glacier lies imposing with its 200 foot (60 meter) high ice walls. Follow the paths that lead you to face the glacier and get different impressive views, all while continuous detachments and constant ice breaking noises echoes in your surrounds!

Enjoy lunch in a unique restaurant facing the glacier, and after that get ready to face the glacier in first person: This experience grants you access to the world-renowned site and lets you view the glacier from a unique angle, sea-level.

First you will dress and  receive kayaking pointers as well as safety precautions from our expert guides. The guides will make sure to be thorough and explain how to paddle among the magnificent glacier waters, no past experience is required.

Then you will paddle out from Playa de los Témpanos, until we reach the front of the glacier and about 600 mts away from the massive icy fixture. Before embarking on the rest of the journey you will be able to stop at the face of the glacier, learn a bit of history and or fast facts.*

  • Total duration on kayak: 1h and 30 mins (This may vary depending on the weather).
  • Minimum age: 14 Children between the ages of 14 and 18 should be accompanied by a parent and or legal guardian.
  • Equipment included: watertight dry suit, thermal suit, boots, and life
  • Difficulty level: Medium (no previous experience required).

*Season of this excursion:
October 1 / May 31. Could be cancelled if weather conditions are not good.

Return to your hotel in the afternoon.

Overnight in Calafate.


Breakfast at the Hotel.

Early in the morning, our local staff will pick up to take you towards the touristic Pier to enjoy a Full Day Excursion to Estancia Cristina.

Estancia Cristina is tucked away in a pristine, north-westerly corner of Lake Argentino in Los Glaciares National Park, right at the furthest end of the Cristina Channel near the incredible Upsala Glacier.

This rural ranch is steeped in history, founded over a century ago in 1914 by Joseph and Jessie Masters, who came from the UK to start  a new life in this beautiful yet utterly remote place.

Estancia Cristina has the great advantage of being extremely close to the Upsala Glacier, one of the most awe-inspiring sights in Los Glaciares National Park that’s only a few kilometers from the lodge. Perhaps the most unforgettable experience is cruising along the waters of Lake Argentino, with soaring mountains and icebergs as a dramatic backdrop before reaching the face of mighty Upsala itself.

 11.30 hrs. – Arrival at Estancia Cristina. Full Day Discovery Program.

(The time allocated for activities at the estancia is approximately 6 hours.)

Having set sail from Punta Bandera harbour at 8am, you will glide over the waters of Lake Argentino’s Northern Arm to reach the furthest possible point of navigation in the Upsala Channel, where you will be ablt to enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Uppsala Glacier’s immense front.

Then, having disembarked at the shores close to Estancia Cristina, you will be welcomed by our specialized driver-guides who will help us into their 4×4 vehicles, ready to head off into the wilderness.

The sturdy 4WDs will then venture up into the Feruglio Mountains, a 9.5km ride which offers great views of our surroundings and takes us ultimately to an elevated area where the cars will be parked. Once there, you will begin a 20-minute trek over terrain characterized by glacial erosion, until reaching the Upsala Glacier Lookout; an exclusive vantage point for visitors to appreciate this immense glacier that can only be accessed from Estancia Cristina.

There will be plenty of time here to enjoy views of Lake Guillermo and the eastern side of the Upsala Glacier, as well as the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Afterwards, head back to the lodge in our 4×4 vehicles, for a well-deserved rest and break for lunch (approx. 1 hour).



Two meat empanadas

Main course

Lamb stew with grilled vegetables or pasta with mushroom pesto and sundried tomatoes


Flan (Caramel custard)

(Vegetarian options available under request)

Later on, having returned from the trek, you will visit the Costumbrista Museum, housed in the estancia’s old shearing shed where guests can learn all about the  history of the Masters family: their lives, adventures and how they became pioneers in Patagonia.

Finally, a guided tour will take you around Estancia Cristina’s estate – up to the Caterina River, the waterwheel, chapel and the rest of the lodge.

Return to your hotel late in the afternoon.

Overnight in Calafate.

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Pick up at the hotel in the morning and transfer to Torres del Paine.

Lunch box is included.

Estimated driving time: 05 hs.

Welcome to Torres del Paine!

Torres del Paine National Park is one of the most spectacular national parks and home to some of the world’s most classic trekking routes in Chile. A world biosphere reserve, it has a huge variety of plants and animals species which, with its incredibly beautiful setting. Snow-capped mountain peaks, cascading rivers and waterfalls, glaciers and mirrored lakes.

Overnight in Torres del Paine.

Buffet Breakfast at the hotel.

Full Day Trekking Base Towers 

You will begin our day by moving to the eastern area of Torres del Paine National Park, in the direction of Estancia Cerro Paine. After a short walk you will cross the suspension bridge at the Ascencio River – water flow originating up the valley and named after the renowned bandit of Patagonia at the beginning of last century. Your first next challenge begins with a slow pace uphill to reach the 500 meter mark base of Monte Almirante Nieto. During this trekking journey, you will see the Norgenskjold Lake surrounded by Notros or Ciruelillos.

At the end of this first ascent, Ascencio Valley will come into sight and show its full magnificence and splendour.

Further to your adventure and crossing the Chilean Refuge located on the banks of the Ascencio River, you will walk through a centenary forest of Lengas (Northofagus Pumilio). As departing from this forest,  begin the last ascent stage up the valley, taking us to the base of the frontal moraine left by the old advance of the Torres Glacier.

From here,  slowly trek a marked path by the moraine. And as this is the final stretch of this excursion, you will finally enjoy the belonged views of the majestic Torres del Paine, and Torres Lake. This location serves your well deserved lunch break and then begin our descent and return.

Difficulty: high (steep) – duration: 11 ½ hrs.

Distance walked: 20.4 km. (12.5 mi) – 9 hrs.

Return to your hotel.

Overnight in Torres del Paine.

Buffet Breakfast at the hotel.

Horseback Riding Nutria River

Patagonia is known as the land of gauchos and horses, and what a great destination to connect with this practice. You will ride to the converging waters of the Grey River, enjoying a display of both its different colours (due to glacial origins), and the amusing magnitude of the Paine Massif. You will then proceed to cross the Nutria River on  horseback and enter the natural forests of Nothofagus.

Difficulty: medium – low

Return to your hotel.

Overnight in Torres del Paine.

Buffet breakfast at the hotel.

You will board an early morning vehicle, sit back, relax, and enjoy a scenic ride back to Punta Arenas on time to catch the evening flight to Santiago de chile.

Lunch box included.

Estimated time : 04 hs driving

Domestic flight it is not included

Arrival to Santiago de Chile in the afternoon.

Welcome to Santiago de Chile!

Located at the feet of the majestic Andes Mountains, Santiago is a thriving modern city with a vibrant cultural life, and creative cuisine. Known as a cosmopolitan city it offers a variety of attractions and highlights including shopping and restaurants. The city is truly the cultural, political and financial center of Chile.


Overnight in Santigo de Chile.

Overnight: Luciano K Hotel

Buffet Breakfast at the hotel.

Depart in the morning to explore Chile’s capital by bike.

Half Day Bike tour around Santiago de Chile 

Starts in the Bellavista neighborhood, located between the North Bank of the Mapocho River and the San Cristobal Hill. This area concentrates a wide artistic area represented by various theatre and an intense cultural and gastronomic activity. The next stop is Patronato, to discover how immigrants from Korea, Peru and the Middle East commercially integrate to the Chilean culture. Then and again riding a bike towards the South Bank of the Mapocho River to reach the Central Market, (1872 Eiffel works), featuring a beautiful structure in cast iron. This is the most important market in the city for fish and seafood testimonies of the generosity of our Pacific Ocean. The next stop is the picturesque Forestal Park, one of the favorite routes, 14 km of Park along the Mapocho River, in the northern part of the historic center and the Lastarria neighborhood with the Museum of Fine Arts, seat of the Museum of Contemporary Art. The tour ends crossing to the sector of Bellavista *

Difficulty: Low

To continue discovering the city, you will go through the main gastronomic points.

You will first start at La Vega Market, to view the fresh fruits and vegetables, mainly from the Central Valley. After a stroll among the many colorful shops, leave the market on foot across the Mapocho River to visit another of Santiago’s famous markets, the Mercado Central (1872), with its beautiful colonial cast-iron roof. This is Santiago’s most important fish and seafood market where you will have a chance to see the bounty of the Chilean Pacific seas.

Of course, the experience will not be complete until you sample a Chilean ceviche paired with a chilled Sauvignon Blanc from the Casablanca Valley, famous for its white wines. Currently, the Central Market of Santiago is a renowned place for its gastronomy, which has managed to preserve ancient native recipes such as the paila marina (mix of local seafood, fish, white wine and spices served hot) and crisp fried fish, both part of the Chilean culinary heritage.

Detouring a bit from the market scene, walk through the downtown colonial area and the Plaza de Armas, (main square), towards the government civic center to enter La Moneda Presidential Palace. After this whirlwind history lesson, you are now ready for the next stop at the busy Providencia District, with its many commercial arcades and malls, exclusive boutiques, ample pedestrian walkways, restaurants and open-air cafés. Coffee or delicious homemade ice cream at the Emporio La Rosa Café in the upscale district of Las Condes.

Return to your hotel in the afternoon.

Overnight in Santiago de Chile.

Overnight: Luciano K Hotel

Bufet Breakfast at the hotel.

Private transfer to Arturo Merino Benitez Santiago de Chile Interntional Airport.



  • Bike Tour around Palermo
  • Colon Theatre visit
  • Intimate & Exclusive Tango Show
  • Argentine Empanadas Cooking Class
  • Discover The end of the World
  • Visit the Penguin Rookery
  • Kayak Perito Moreno Glacier
  • Navigation through Uppsala Glacier
  • Trekking Base Towers
  • Horseback Riding Torres del Paine
  • Gastronomic Tour in Santiago de Chile

Important facts


Start destination:
Buenos Aires

Final Destination:
Santiago de Chile

14 Days - 13 Nights

Number of participants:

  • Services in private basis, with English Speaking Guide ;
  • Accommodation in single basis with buffet breakfast;
  • Meals and beverages (non-alcoholic beverages) as detailed in the program;
  • Porterages for transfers;
  • Current VAT as per local laws and regulations

Not included:
  • International and domestic flights, airport taxes
  • Tips
  • Visas if needed
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, and excess baggage charge)
  • Transportation or excursions outside the lodges or itinerary
  • Health Insurance
  • Beverages not served at meals (spirits, bottles, etc)